TXT’s Beomgyu Praised For Heartwarming Action Towards Cameraman

There’s a reason he’s called “Angel Beomgyu.”

In episode twenty-eight of TXT‘s TO DO, the group faced the classic escape room challenge. While their long journey to escape amused viewers, Beomgyu gained love for his small yet caring action towards one of their cameramen.

After spending a good chunk of time piecing together clues in one room and returning to the previous one, Soobin noticed that one of their cameramen was still in the same spot as before. “Will he be there for till the end?

That led both of them to think along the same lines. Soobin expressed, “He must be tired.” Beomgyu also noted how long the cameraman had been standing there, “His legs must hurt.

Taking matters into his own hands, Beomgyu asked if they could make him a bit more comfortable. “May we give [him] a chair?

Picking up one of the chairs, Beomyu headed straight for the smaller room with the cameraman and sat the chair in front of him. He sweetly said, “Sit down here and film the show. Your legs must have gone numb.

The caring and thoughtful action had fans loving Beomgyu even more than before. He truly deserves the nickname “Angel Beomgyu.”

Source: Naver Live