TXT’s Beomgyu Proves He’s The Ultimate ARMY Of His Group And Sends BTS A Message

Beomgyu made his sunbaes proud.

TXT have proven that they’re some of the biggest BTS fans out there. This time Beomgyu wouldn’t even let his members take the crown from him.


When it came to the final question on After School Club, he didn’t hesitate to answer.

As soon as “Mikrokosmos” began to play, Beomgyu correctly guessed the song to his own members’ astonishment.

ARMY Beomgyu didn’t stop there. When “Love Maze” played, he was so quick to correctly name the song that he fumbled over his own words.

Not only did Beomgyu prove he was the master of naming BTS songs within seconds of hearing them, but he won the entire game.

To celebrate his victory, he sent a message to BTS, letting them know just how much he listens to their music:

BTS sunbae-nims, I am listening to your songs this much.

BTS would be proud of their “children” for doing so well.

Watch Beomgyu tap into his ARMY side to win against his members here.