TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals He And BTS’s Suga Were Neighbors And Didn’t Even Know It

Soobin couldn’t believe they’d been so close to each other.

Big Hit Entertainment isn’t the only thing TXT‘s Beomgyu and BTS‘s Suga have in common. They both share the same hometown Daegu. Their paths didn’t just cross there, either.


During their recent broadcast, Beomgyu revealed something not only Soobin hadn’t known but Suga and himself as well.

One day, Beomgyu and Suga were having a conversation where they mentioned sharing the same hometown. From there, they delved a little deeper, finding out specifically where each other had lived. It turned out that their neighborhoods had been nearby one another’s.

As soon as the words left Beomgyu’s mouth, Soobin instantly stopped fixing his hair, his facial expression turning into one of shock. He whipped his head toward Beomgyu and asked if they had indeed been living so close to each other.

Beomgyu calmly confirmed it. Soobin was still surprised, saying that he couldn’t believe their close proximity. The most interesting part about it was that Beomgyu and Suga hadn’t even known about it when they both were living there and found out recently.

Suga and Beomgyu could’ve run into each other doing all sorts of things, like walking home from school or going to the grocery store. Even though their paths didn’t cross then, they did in the future.


Watch Soobin be just as shocked as fans about the new piece of information of Beomgyu and Suga once living near one another.