TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals The Hurtful Reason Why He Improved His Selfie Skills

He didn’t want to hear those words again.

On TXT‘s Beomgyu and Taehyun‘s live radio broadcast Smash The Universe, they read three stories submitted to them anonymously by their members. In one of the stories, a member voiced his concerns about another dethroning him as the King of Selfies.


While they were discussing how to take the perfect selfie and taking advice from fans, they stumbled across one tip that sparked a hurtful memory for Beomgyu.

Someone wrote that photos taken by another person come out far better than selfies. Immediately after Taehyun read it, Beomgyu revealed why he’d taken measures to improve his selfie skills.

When he was beginning to take selfies, his friends had bluntly told him that he should instead ask others to take his photos for him.

When I wasn’t good at taking selfies, my friends told me, “You have to ask others to take pictures for you.”

Even though the words had come from his friends, they really hurt him. It gave him the determination to improve his skills and prove them wrong.

It hurt my feelings. So, I started practicing how to take selfies.

What made the words even more hurtful was the fact that Beomgyu thought he was a natural at taking them. The responsibility of a good friend is to tell you the truth. There are ways to do it that won’t hurt someone’s feelings, though, such as offering to help them improve.

I thought I was good at taking selfies. I thought I was good at it.

Look at Beomgyu now, taking selfies like a complete professional, even managing to include Taehyun.

Not only does he have the angle just right to make himself look handsome but Taehyun as well.

Listen to Beomgyu explain the memory behind improving his selfie skills, starting at 22:20.