TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals How Soobin Brought Him Out Of His Shell When They Were Trainees

At first, Beomgyu wouldn’t talk to anyone.

At one of TXT‘s fan signing events, Beomgyu revealed that the member he was closest to as a trainee when he first joined Big Hit Entertainment was Soobin.


When the fan who’d initially asked the question wanted to know why, he dived back into the past.

As the newest addition to the company, Beoomgyu hadn’t known how anything worked. Since he wasn’t familiar with anyone, he kept to himself to avoid causing trouble. He would spend his time alone in the hallway. Soobin saw him like that and couldn’t leave him be.

Soobin approached him and asked why he had isolated himself from them. He then told Beomgyu to rejoin him and the other trainees so they could all become comfortable with each other.

Because of that moment, Beomgyu realized how kind Soobin was and admitted he was someone he depended on a lot, even after they’ve debuted.

They went from complete strangers to close friends who take any chance to share a quick snack together.


If that isn’t the sweetest way to start a friendship, what is?