TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals Step-By-Step What His Day Was Like As A Trainee

“My day was full of such things. I [couldn’t] do anything else.”

During his live broadcasts, TXT‘s Beomgyu always shares information that fans want to know about. In his most recent one, many MOAs were asking about his life as a trainee.

Not only did he spill the details about it, but he gave a general schedule of what his average day was like.

At first, Beomgyu gave a general idea of how he spent his time, “Back then, I composed songs every day.” It turned out there was far more to his day than that. After eating some more food and thinking back, he began to describe the layout of his typical day.

Before midnight, there were three things that were a part of his training. To be an idol, the first was what everyone would expect: “I had vocal lessons.” The second was quite a bit different.

To most likely keep his body in shape and prepared for everything he’d be doing as a performer, Beomgyu had a dedicated time to exercise.

Along with the other two tasks, there was one that couldn’t be left out. To expand his speaking skills, he took “a foreign language class.” Although he didn’t name every single thing, he explained that his day was so packed with tasks that he didn’t have time for anything else.

After midnight, trainee Beomgyu had yet another task. As he progressed through his training, he then started to have a dance class after completing everything else.

Since he had to do so many things, his day would usually end at five in the morning. If everything happened quicker than expected, it would end at three—at the earliest.

Beomgyu also revealed, “Then, I had to practice what I learned that day. So, after doing all that, I also had to compose songs, even after others finished their vocal practice.”

Between training and attending school, he had a lot to handle, especially at a young age. If he hadn’t managed to push through, the world wouldn’t have known TXT’s Beomgyu.

Watch Beomgyu take you through his typical day as a trainee here, starting from 13:45.