TXT’s Beomgyu Shares The Adorable Birthday Present Hueningkai Gave Him

There’s a new addition to the TXT family!

It is no secret that TXT‘s Hueningkai is obsessed with plushie dolls, and it seems like he is slowly trying to make his group members feel the same way!

During the latest episode of their regular TMI (Too Much Information) series X:TimeBeomgyu shared with fans the gift that Hueningkai gave him for his birthday: a little plushie!

Despite Hueningkai being the plushie addict, it seems like Beomgyu is slowly becoming a fan and couldn’t deny his love for the gift.

Beomgyu plays with it every day before he falls asleep.

— Beomgyu

There is no denying that the doll is cute, but Beomgyu added that it is just as adorable as Hueningkai.

It is also a gift he will cherish alongside the birthstone bracelet Hueningkai gave him alongside the plushie.

You can watch the whole video for some more TMI below.

Source: FI and FI