TXT’s Beomgyu Shares How BTS’s Jimin Inspired Him To Work Harder At Dancing

Beomgyu shares his biggest inspiration.

During a live broadcast, TXT‘s Beomgyu opened up about his inspiration when it comes to dancing!

Beomgyu shared that he once attended a BTS concert, and admitted that although he couldn’t see very well, because he was seated far away, he still felt Jimin‘s energy all the way from his seat.

When we went to BTS’s sunbaenim’s concert, it was the first time I saw their stage. It was their concert in Gocheok. All of the 7 members danced powerfully, but from afar I could really see well that there was someone dancing hard, so I was like “Woah, who’s that?” and it turns out it was Jimin sunbaenim. So even if I was far back, but he was dancing so powerfully that I am still able to feel his energy from there.

Beomgyu also admitted that he was so amazed by Jimin’s powerful dance moves and even searched for his videos online so he can learn from him!

How hard must he be dancing? I looked up all of his dance performances, and he was dancing so hard like his bones were about to break, like he was pouring everything into it.

As one of the main dancers of the group, Jimin surely served he audience and showed them what they wanted to see! Jimin always works hard to improve his skills, and after years of training and constant practice, he became someone many people look up to including his precious hoobae, Beomgyu!

Source: Twitter