TXT’s Beomgyu Woke Up And Chose Violence With A Savage Joke About Soobin

We can’t stop laughing, and neither can the members! 😂

TXT joined BuzzFeed Celeb for a quick game of “30 Questions in 3 Minutes,” and we can’t stop laughing at Beomgyu‘s savage response to one of the questions.

One of the rapid-fire questions the members were faced with was “Tell us your best joke.” Soobin hesitated, saying he’s “not really one for jokes,” but Beomgyu came to his rescue…kind of.

The rest of the members immediately burst out laughing, and Soobin just looked shook, plain and simple.

Beomgyu was quite proud of his “joke,” and we hope Soobin will recover from this savage blow soon.

Source: Buzzfeed Celeb


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