TXT’s Beomgyu Spoiled “Angel Or Devil” Months Ago, And No One Had A Clue

Beomgyu is that smooth.

TXT teased the release of their upcoming music video for “Angel Or Devil” with Beomgyu‘s teaser. In it, he’s playing on a tightrope of shoelaces.


He then busts out a couple of dance moves, one of which looked familiar to fans. Since he’s always dropping spoilers, MOAs were quick to notice.

In the teaser, he jumped backward, posing on his tip-toes with a hand on his head. The pose was strikingly similar to one Beomgyu had done back in September.

In a past Tweet, TXT shared this photo of them having fun in the practice room. At the time, MOAs hadn’t given it a second look. Now they’ve noticed Beomgyu doing the same pose as the one in the teaser.

Even though the pose does seem a bit out of place, no one noticed how clever Beomgyu was until months later. From now on, MOAs will be paying closer attention to him for future hints. Watch what he’d been spoiling here.