TXT’s Beomgyu Is Such A V Fanboy That He Could Easily Recognize Yeonjun’s Imitation Of Him

Even Yeonjun was shook.

In the second airing of TXT‘s appearance on We K-Pop, the hosts threw a curveball at them. Yeonjun had to use his body to make his members guess that he was BTS‘s V.


Although everyone thought it would be hard, TXT handled it so smoothly that it would’ve made V just a bit embarrassed at how closely they watch him.

When Yeonjun saw V’s name on the card, he did his best to imitate V by going with one of his signature poses. In a matter of seconds, Beomgyu knew exactly what Yeonjun was trying to do.

Beomgyu crushed everyone’s worries that they wouldn’t be able to figure it out by immediately speaking into his microphone, “V sunbae-nim.” His speed and accuracy even shocked Yeonjun himself, who pointed at him in pleasant surprise.

Taehyun couldn’t contain his shock either, his mouth dropping open, his eyes wide, and one of his hands thrown up in the air.

Beomgyu once said that V was his biggest inspiration, so it makes sense how he could spot the imitation so quickly. Watch him impress Yeonjun and Taehyun with his skill here.