TXT’s Beomgyu Is Willing To Be The Group’s Chauffeur As Long As They Pay His Price

Driver Beomgyu doesn’t accept money.

In a recent video clip, TXT answered fans’ questions. One of those questions was whether or not they planned to get a driver’s license. SoobinTaehyun, and Beomgyu had differing responses.

Soobin and Taehyun had no interest in it while Beomgyu wholeheartedly said he would when given a chance. Like the gentleman he is, he even offered to give Soobin a ride when he finally gets his license.

Soobin laughed at the offer and claimed it was funny. Beomgyu was completely serious and announced he’d be all for it if they paid his service fee: caramel macchiatos.

Soobin declined yet again by saying he preferred a safe ride. Beomgyu had already thought of that possibility when he’d chosen his service fee. He said the caramel macchiatos would keep him awake and everyone safe.

Without an official attempt to get his license, Beomgyu’s already one step ahead for knowing not to drive while sleepy. Soobin may joke about not wanting Beomgyu to drive him around; that’ll change when he needs a ride in the future. Listen to them discuss it at 3:45.