TXT Beomgyu’s Telepathy With His Group Is So Strong He Knew Exactly Where They Were When Separated

He didn’t even need any hints.

TXT‘s Beomgyu showed just how well he knew his members on the recent episode of One Dream.TXT.


They were given free time for themselves, and Beomgyu knew exactly what each member would choose to do. While Beomgyu was on his way to his own destination, he said his guesses aloud.

He first thought of Yeonjun who he knew would spend his time shopping. For Soobin, he figured he would be eating at a well-known restaurant.

At first he said Hueningkai would go to a quiet park, but he knew them well enough to correct his mistake by saying Taehyun would be the one to go to the park instead. And, every one of his predictions came true.

Taehyun had found a quiet park to play in, which made him even more happy when there wasn’t anybody else around. Which is exactly what Beomgyu had specifically said.

Just like Beomgyu had thought, Yeonjun went to Melrose Avenue to do some shopping.

And, Soobin had gone to a bakery he’d found online to have some of his favorite sweets.

Although Beomgyu didn’t have a guess for wildcard Hueningkai, all of his predictions were startlingly accurate. Watch Beomgyu’s guesses come true here.