TXT Blessed Fans With Cute, Tough, And Sexy Versions Of Themselves, MOAs Can’t Pick

We’ll take cute. No, we’ll take sexy. Wait, no…

In a recent StudioK video, TXT members were put up to the “Keyword Dance” challenge. To complete this mission, TXT had to carry out their “Run Away” choreography while also acting out the keywords being given. Thanks to this wholesome UWU content, MOAs were blessed with “cute”, “tough”, and “sexy” versions of TXT — and they can’t possibly decide which is the best.


First keyword was “tough”. With a very loose understanding of the keyword, TXT immediately began grunting “ugh”s and “hooah”s while dancing. Nothing was too tough about this “tough” version of TXT — in fact, it only made MOAs fall harder at their softness. But if TXT says that’s their toughest, then that’s their toughest indeed.


The next keyword was “sexy”. Again, TXT gave it their best interpretation — though regardless of their efforts, it ended up being adorable AF. There were body rolls galore, but it was… well, it was kind of like the truest words that Beomgyu left behind:

Guys, I think we have a very incorrect understanding of the word sexy…!

— Beomgyu


The final key word was “cute”. For this, TXT finally knew exactly how to do! With the utmost confidence they’ve shown since the beginning of the “Keyword Dance” challenge, TXT members casually flashed hearts and tossed around aegyo moves as they wrapped up the choreography. They were obviously built for cute mode:


So in the end, it turned out to be cute, cuter, and the cutest versions of TXT. But MOAs aren’t complaining! All three versions are highly preferred.

Watch the full video here: