TXT And BTS Are Having Concerts On The Same Days But Fans’ Responses Are Hilariously Fitting

They’re funny because they make so much sense.

On May 12 and May 19, both TXT and BTS will be having concerts in the United States. It’s common knowledge that Soobin‘s favorite BTS member is Jin. So, it’s only natural for fans to poke fun at this fact.

Fans were quick to joke about Soobin wanting to be close to Jin since they’ll both be touring during the same time. One fan joked about Soobin immediately claiming Jin as a roommate upon hearing the announcement.

Another joked about Soobin having the time of his life listening to “Persona” in the crowd of a BTS concert. Even if he chose a favorite, he’d definitely fanboy over all of the members.

Taking the joke to another level, one fan claimed they would step in to cover for Soobin while he attended BTS’s concert instead of performing with TXT. They’d even put a little extra effort into the song “Blue Orangeade”.

Soobin’s admiration for Jin as a role model is understandable. And if he ever needed someone to cover for him, fans would have no trouble standing in for him.