TXT Reveals How BTS’s Jimin Inspired Their Choreography For “Blue Hour”

One particular performance by Jimin had the group inspired.

During the press conference to introduce TXT‘s newest album, Minisode1 : Blue Hour, the group revealed an interesting fact about the choreography for their title track “Blue Hour”. It had a connection to their BTS senior Jimin.

When they discussed the choreography they’d prepared, Beomgyu wanted everyone to direct their attention to how much they’ve improved since debut. He also noted how each member had their own time to shine, inspired by a particular someone.

We hope people could focus on how much we have evolved, especially in regard to our choreography. While we had usually performed all together in the past, this time each member will have individual parts to themselves.

— Beomgyu

Hueningkai stepped in to add that the choreography had been a result of watching Jimin’s solo stage from MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E. “We were especially inspired by BTS’s Jimin’s ‘Filter’ performance during the recent online concert.” Parts of it could indeed be noticed in TXT’s stages.

During his “Filter” performance for the online concert, Jimin gracefully took his blazer and used it as a prop to highlight the choreography.

To keep to the theme of the track’s title and lyrics, Jimin changed outerwear and headwear throughout the performance. At one point, he wore a long, flowy jacket with a hat that he tossed off his head. If you’ve seen a stage for “Blue Hour”, it should look super familiar.

Toward the end of TXT’s stages for “Blue Hour”, the boys quickly put on long, flowy jackets and hats. They popped them on and off their heads, similar to Jimin’s moves, using them to make the choreography stand out even more.

Although the TXT members take notes from their seniors BTS, they always put their own signature twist on it.

Source: The Korea Herald