TXT Comeback Song Excites Harry Potter Fans

Here’s why Potterheads love TXT’s new song

TXT recently released their comeback song “Run Away”, and TXT fans, or MOAs as they are better known, made a common observation that brought excitement to the TXT fandom.

“Run Away” showed references to the Harry Potter Series!

The first obvious reference is “Run Away’s” Korean title, which roughly translates to “waiting for you at the 9 3⁄4 platform.” Every Potterhead knows that the 9 3/4 platform is Harry’s portal to get to Hogwarts.

Then there’s Taehyun, looking so much like Harry Potter himself.

Add a mysterious door beneath a swimming pool that leads to a secret garden.

And a giant door that suddenly goes up in flames!

MOAs take off from this analysis, reminded of the intriguing storylines of BTS songs in the past. It’s not a remote possibility that Big Hit Entertainment is continuing this tradition with TXT’s latest comeback album, which showcases their growth as a group.

Fans excitedly discuss their discoveries on Twitter, sharing their theories on “Run Away”.

Here’s a full video of an analysis of “Run Away”.

Do you see the Harry Potter references too? It’s a thrilling wait for the next reference to Harry Potter’s world.

But meanwhile, enjoy the song “Run Away”, as it weaves its magic among listeners, through their special Halloween–themed dance practice dressed as, you guessed it, students from Hogwarts!