TXT Couldn’t Pass Up The Chance To Clown Hueningkai’s “Wide” Forehead

Beomgyu, Soobin, and Taehyun united for this one purpose.

TXT has been having fun on Weverse from witty responses to fans to poking fun at their maknae Hueningkai.


A fan asked them which was wider, the sea or Hueningkai’s forehead?

Soobin and Taehyun were quick to say it was Hueningkai’s forehead. They weren’t the only members to chime in either.

Beomgyu saw their responses and also agreed with them by stating the same: “forehead.”

TXT loves to play around with Hueningkai any chance they get. He’ll be glad to know that Yeonjun wasn’t included, at least not yet.