TXT’s Dancing Is So In Sync They Can Do It Blindfolded

Super Junior’s Shindong was shook.

The TXT members were so confident in their dance skills as a group that they readily took on the challenge of doing it blindfolded on MannaDalla. Hueningkai said it would be “easy.”

Even though Beomgyu was missing, they kicked off “Good Boy Gone Bad” perfectly, leaving space for where he would’ve been. MC Super Junior‘s Shindong was already impressed.

Despite being blindfolded, TXT managed to remain in sync with each other and move into the proper formations for each part of the choreography.

They were so in sync that Shindong couldn’t help wondering if they were genuinely blindfolded.

Can you guys see? It’s so in sync. Are you sure you guys can’t see?

— Shindong

Shindong even noticed something that showed their true synchronization as a team. They all subconsciously moved to the left, despite starting the dance on the right side of the stage.

TXT has such strong teamwork as a group that they can even nail their dances blindfolded.