TXT Didn’t Hesitate To Choose Who Was The Most Handsome

Hueningkai was totally done with all of them.

When it comes to visuals, every single member of TXT can hold their own.

Since just about every group has one member that takes the crown for being the most handsome, fans wondered who they would pick for the coveted spot.

In one of the group’s latest live broadcasts, they were reading through comments and found one that asked them to choose. They weren’t bothered by the question at all. Yeonjun and Hueningkai already had smiles on their faces, knowing exactly who they would be picking.

Instead of having each member take turns naming someone, they decided to use a quicker method. After Soobin counted to three, each of them pointed a finger to the person that would take the crown. At least, that’s how it typically goes.

Not hiding their smiles, all the members took their fingers and pointed them straight at themselves. The fact that they all did the same had Hueningkai holding his head in his hand and Soobin laughing up a storm.

They even came up with creative ways to boost their votes. Beomgyu held up two fingers on each hand to say he had two votes; Yeonjun held up both his hands and feet for four; Hueningkai held up all his fingers for ten.

Although Hueningkai had to hide from how confident they all were, he completely understood why. “Each one of us loves himself a lot.”

Even though Beomgyu later tried and failed to take the title, TXT agreed they were all equally handsome. See them prove their confidence by telepathically choosing themselves, beginning from 2:34.