TXT Doesn’t Have A Fandom Name Yet And Fans Are Losing Their Minds

Hopefully BigHit delivers sooner rather than later.

It’s only been a little over a month since TXT have debuted, and they’ve amassed enough attention for a United States tour. But, fans are expecting something else from BigHit Entertainment. They’re expecting a fandom name.

Fans are pointing out that BigHit worked backwards by announcing a tour before releasing an actual fandom name.

Despite the tour news, fans aren’t being swayed. They’re sticking to their demand to be named.

Fan are speculating what the name could be, such as simcard or txtmates, while others have deemed themselves txties. Regardless, they’re still waiting on the final announcement.

Soobin even stated that no one in TXT had a clue what the name would be and that they’re eagerly awaiting it just like fans are.

One thing is certain: TXT will have a fandom name. At the rate they’re going, it should be pretty soon.