TXT’s Dorm Rule Was So Clever They Passed It Onto ENHYPEN

They tweaked the rule just a bit to suit them.

Since the TXT members have lived together for a while, they know a few tips and tricks for making dorm life as smooth as it can be. One of those tricks helped their juniors ENHYPEN when making their own rules for the EN-HOUSE dorm.

Hueningkai, Sunghoon, Jake, and Jay. | @TXT_members/Twitter

When making the rules for their stay, Jay immediately thought of how TXT perfected their shower schedule. Referring to their seniors, he cleverly said “those who spend tomorrow together” noticed that they “take showers too long” when they first moved in together.

To make sure showering went as smoothly as possible, TXT came up with a time limit. Jay shared that “they made a rule to finish showering before three songs end.

Thinking of the same joke, Jungwon and Jake pointed out that someone could extend a song to an hour just to stay within the limit. They even joked that someone could bend the rules by making a “forty-minute song” or a “three-hour song.” In the end, they compromised.

When announcing the final rules for their dorm stay, ENHYPEN tweaked the rule to suit them. Instead of limiting their shower to three songs, they increased it to four.

With the average length of a song being three and a half minutes, spending less than fifteen minutes per person sounds pretty reasonable.

Ni-Ki, Taehyun, Jay, and Hueningkai. | @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter

Watch the members show how helpful their seniors are to them, even with something as simple as setting rules.