TXT Reveal Their English Names And Some Of The Origins Behind Them

The members teased Beomgyu a bit!

In a recent live broadcast, TXT revealed their English names and some of the origins behind them.


For Parents’ Day, the members made snow globe carnations for their parents. Hueningkai wrote “Jasmine” on his snow globe, and the members were curious as to who Jasmine was. Hueningkai then shared that it’s his mother’s English name! After he revealed this, the members laughed and said that they didn’t know this.

The members then began speaking about their own English names. Yeonjun, who lived in the States for a few years when he was little, shared that his English name is Daniel.

Hueningkai’s English name is Kai, but the members already knew this.

Soobin‘s English name is Steve, and the members got quiet after he revealed this. After getting quiet, they laughed a bit!

Soobin got the name Steve from his English teacher at a private language institute when he was younger.

Taehyun‘s English name is Terry.

Beomgyu was the last member to go, and he shared that his English name is Ben.

The members got a little playful and cracked a few jokes, such as Yeonjun asking Beomgyu if his name was “Bam.”

Beomgyu then adorably told MOAs (TXT’s fandom) that the members were teasing him.


After playfully bickering with Yeonjun for a bit, Beomgyu shared that the origin of his English name is similar to Soobin’s. When Beomgyu was at an English language institute, his teacher asked him what his name was, and Beomgyu said, “Ben!”

It looks like MOAs have some new names they can call the members!

Source: Naver Live