TXT Reveals The “Awkward” Moments They’ve Had With ENHYPEN

Even though they’re all good friends, they still have their awkward moments!

TXT and ENHYPEN have a close friendship, as evidenced from the multitude of times they have mentioned each other on live broadcasts, guested together on various shows, and even had their own reality show “PLAYGROUND” together.

From left to right: Beomgyu, Jay, Yeonjun, Sunoo, Ni-ki, and Jake | Big Hit Entertainment

But even the closest friendships have their awkward moments, as revealed by Soobin. During their latest live broadcast, Soobin shared that he and ENHYPEN’s Heeseung recently had an awkward moment together.

Soobin was surprised by this because he and Heeseung used to talk often when they were trainees. But Yeonjun assured him that he wasn’t alone, as he also experienced an awkward moment between the two groups as well.

Soobin guessed it had something to do with their seniority in terms of debut, while Yeonjun guessed it’s because they don’t see each other that often anymore.

Hopefully the two groups will be able to see each other more often!

Source: Feature Image (1) and (2) and VLIVE
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