Here’s Why TXT And ENHYPEN’s “FIRE” Stage Was Special To Beomgyu

Even J-Hope approved of the stage.

Meeting expectations, TXT and ENHYPEN delivered an amazing performance together at the 2021 KBS Song Festival that even BTS‘s J-Hope approved of. It turned out to be just as special to the members, especially Beomgyu.

Beomgyu | @TXT_members/Twitter

When TXT practiced the choreography for BTS’s “FIRE”, Beomgyu noted that it was a brand new experience for the group. He said, “We’ve never done choreography or songs with this kind of concept. A mature or plain intense concept like this one.

In fact, what made it new was precisely why Beomgyu “always wanted to do a performance like that, like ‘FIRE’.

Even during practice, the members were pleasantly surprised to see how full of energy Beomgyu was while dancing. There was another reason why he’d been so excited.

With a smile, Beomgyu remembered all the times he would search up videos for “FIRE” as a trainee and was more than excited that he could now perform it on stage himself.

Back when I was a trainee, I looked up a lot of performance videos and fancams for ‘FIRE’. I’m practicing thinking that I’ll crush the stage.

— Beomgyu

Not only did Beomgyu crush the stage with his skill and charisma, but the rest of the HYBE Boys did as well and made BTS proud. Even trainee Beomgyu would’ve been blown away to see his future self.