TXT Was Surprised By ENHYPEN During Their First Practice Together—Here’s Why

The last time this happened, they were trainees.

Recently, a behind the scenes video featuring TXT and ENHYPEN‘s joint practice for the 2021 KBS Song Festival was released.

It filmed the boys learning the choreography…

…performing on the big day…

…and being interviewed about their experience.

In one such interview, they revealed what surprised them the most when practicing together for the first time.

On one hand, Hueningkai noticed that the choreography looked “so empty” when it was just TXT executing it. Once ENHYPEN joined, however, the room filled up and the moves never looked better!

When we practiced with just us, it looked so empty. I was so worried that it won’t look great, but with all 12 members dancing, I was surprised by how amazing we looked.

— Hueningkai

One of the last times they danced beside so many people may have been when they were still trainees. Beomgyu, on the other hand, was pleased to see that they created a dynamic synergy when they performed together.

We usually do different styles of choreo. We really are different. But when these two groups with different personalities performed ‘Bang Bang Bang’ or ‘Fire’ together, I liked the synergy we created.

— Beomgyu

Both groups are worthy of carrying the title “HB” (HYBE Boys), a nickname that Jungwon jokingly came up with during practice.

Although the performance was flawless from start to finish, that doesn’t mean TXT and ENHYPEN had no concerns leading up to it. See what they were worried about here:

Here Was TXT And ENHYPEN’s Biggest Concern Leading Up To Their “2021 KBS Song Festival” Collab

Source: YouTube