TXT And ENHYPEN’s Universes May Be Connected Thanks To Clever Clue

The scenes were too similar to be a coincidence.

With common threads between BTS, GFRIEND, and TXT‘s universes, the connections led many to believe they’re all part of the “HYBE Labels Universe.” After eagle-eyed fans spotted a familiar scene in one of ENHYPEN‘s videos, it revealed that the rookie group’s universe may be connected to TXT‘s as well.

TXT’s Yeonjun

In the video for ENHYPEN’s “Outro : The Wormhole”, the ending features a scene where a few people are relaxing on the beach, watching the beautiful waves wash upon the sand. It was more than just a stunning scene, though. Fans soon realized they’d seen a similar one before.

In TXT’s music video for the track “Cat & Dog”, the group was also having some fun in the sun at the beach. There was one moment that was too similar to be a coincidence.

Just like in ENHYPEN’s video, there was a beautiful shot of the blue waves washing over the sand. The similar scenes instantly had fans remembering why it looked so familiar and wondering how the two timelines matched up in the universes.

Since TXT’s music video ended with Taehyun watching as someone entered their room and ENHYPEN’s video hinted at time travel, the two universes could indeed be connected. After all, anything is possible in their universes.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

Check out the similar scenes that had many fans convinced TXT and ENHYPEN’s universes are connected.

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