TXT Giving A Fan The Strength To Come Out As Non-Binary Will Bring You To Tears

They were there when the fan needed them most.

K-Pop hasn’t become a worldwide phenomenon solely because of its high-quality music production and out-of-this-world music videos. Groups like TXT encourage fans to love themselves and appreciate what makes them different from other people.

Thanks to a fan’s strength to come out about their gender, they’ve shared their experience of how supportive the group had been in the process.

During TXT’s meet and greet for KCON:TACT, the fan scored valuable time with the group for a brief video call. Because they were a source of strength for the fan, they decided to share a special moment with them. They wanted to come out about their gender identity.

Since it was their first time opening up about such a significant life event, they were overcome with tears to the point where they couldn’t quite get their words to come out. Fortunately, TXT were very supportive. Soobin, Yeonjun, and Beomgyu reassured the fan not to cry and patiently waited until they were ready to speak. “Don’t cry.” “It’s okay.”

When they were finally ready, the fan announced they were non-binary. Like the supportive guys they are, the members celebrated the fan’s coming out. When they asked the group to say, “Trans rights,” they were quick to do so in support of them. Yeonjun said, “Trans rights. Is that right?”

What is non-binary? It’s when an individual’s gender is more than merely female, male, feminine, or masculine. It’s such a unique experience to each individual that it can encompass a spectrum of identities. Upon hearing and seeing how the fan gained encouragement to live their best life, MOAs were just as touched by the emotionally powerful event.

Congratulations to the fan for gaining the strength to share such a personal moment with the world and beginning to live in their truth.