TXT Picked The Most Fashionable Member, But Their Stylists Couldn’t Disagree More

Their stylists weren’t ready for the results 😂

Since all the TXT members have such unique styles, it was challenging to choose which one was the most fashionable. But when they did, their stylists disagreed so quickly that all of them burst into laughter.

Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun.

During their interview with People magazine, the media outlet asked the group to choose which member was “the most fashionable.” While most of the members voted for themselves, Yeonjun prevented a tie by voting for Hueningkai, making the maknae (youngest member) the winner with the most votes.

Hueningkai was so excited to be ranked number one that he said, “Our styling team better all be seeing this.” They saw it all too well because Soobin quickly pointed out their hilarious reactions.

None of them could hold in their laughter when seeing their stylists’ reactions. Soobin said they were saying “‘No way’” off-camera, while Taehyun revealed how much their eyes widened in shock.

Their stylists were so funny that Soobin imitated their reactions. With wide eyes, Soobin repeated, “‘Oh, what? Hueningkai?’

The reason Yeonjun chose Hueningkai was just as funny. Rather than pulling off so many styles, Yeonjun appreciated how Hueningkai could wear all different sorts of hoodies.

I do respect Hueningkai’s dedication to one specific style. He’s a professional when it comes to hoodies.

— Yeonjun

Watch the stylists make TXT laugh with their funny reactions to Hueningkai taking the number one vote.