Here’s How TXT Felt When Hearing “Good Boy Gone Bad” For The First Time

Yeonjun thanked their PD for making one part unique.

TXT went from hopeless romantics in “LO$ER=LO♡ER” to bad boys for their new track “Good Boy Gone Bad” and didn’t do so without overcoming challenges.

Since TXT switched concepts so drastically, Beomgyu asked the members to share how they felt when first hearing the song.

Hearing “Good Boy Gone Bad” had been a new experience for Hueningkai. There was one thing he knew for sure, though. The maknae (youngest member) knew the song was perfect for them.

I’d never heard a song like this before. It was a new kind of song for me.

And I’d always been hoping that we’d get to do a tough song like this someday, so I thought, ‘This is it.’

— Hueningkai

Yeonjun had the same reaction as Hueningkai, causing the other members to agree as well. He was excited at how much the song suited the mature side of themselves they wanted to show. There was another part of the song he really appreciated too.

We all heard the title song together. After we finished the recording, I thought, ‘Ah, yes!’ It was thrilling.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun added, “And the title was easy to remember. Thank you, PD-nim.” Since their past title tracks all had long names, Hueningkai admitted, “The title seems almost ordinary in a way.

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