TXT Can’t Forget The Stage Mistake That Made All Of Them Want To Cry

They laughed at it now but remembered how emotional it was.

Since TXT debuted only a short time ago in 2019, they remembered a mistake from their early days that nearly made all of them break down in tears—one they could all laugh about now.

Soobin, Yeonjun, Taehyun, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai.

When chatting with Seventeen magazine, the outlet asked TXT for the funniest incident that’s ever happened during one of their rehearsals. Though they agreed with Taehyun about there being a lot of funny ones, one moment took the cake.

Taehyun reminded them of the time they “were supposed to dance to ‘CROWN’ but danced to ‘Blue Orangeade’” instead. It turned out one member was at the center of the mishap.

Speaking up, Beomgyu admitted the mistake had been his. Although he thought it happened during the rehearsal for their debut showcase, they quickly corrected him by naming Music Bank.

Yeonjun explained why that was an important piece of the memory by saying, “That’s why the vibe that day was so serious.” Taehyun and Beomgyu shared how they all would’ve brushed it off now but Yeonjun remembered how tense it had been at the time.

Taehyun: But looking back at it now… It’s a funny thing.

Beomgyu: Now, we’d think ‘It’s just a rehearsal. We can just do it well for the real thing.’

Yeonjun recalled how “everyone was on the verge of crying.” They laughed as Beomgyu agreed, “Back then, our lives were at stake.” Even Taehyun remembered the “unforgiving” vibe at the time.

At least they had one another for support during that rough time and can now laugh about it years later. After all, everyone makes mistakes—some funnier than others.

See TXT talk about the mistake that made all of them want to cry back then but laugh at now.