TXT Gave Soobin A Gift Of Their Appreciation And He Couldn’t Stop Laughing

You could say they put more than a little thought into choosing it.

To show their appreciation for their leader, TXT surprised Soobin with a gift that made him burst into laughter.


Before Hueningkai handed him the present, Soobin couldn’t believe that they’d prepared something for him and had to point to himself to make sure.

To get an idea of what was inside, he shook the box. But, that didn’t give anything away.

Then, he opened it, looked inside, and burst into laughter. The laughter was so strong that he had to bend over.

He had to open the box a second time to laugh at what they had given him: fresh carrots.

Soobin has been told by his members and fans that he looks like a rabbit, so TXT decided they would give a rabbit what it wants most.

TXT have a great sense of humor, and they really came up with the perfect gift. Check out Soobin’s funny surprise here.