TXT’s Hueningkai Had To Watch Out For Bang Si Hyuk When Picking The Tastiest Egg Tarts

He made sure Bang Si Hyuk wasn’t listening in before answering 😆

Along with HYBE‘s new building, Bang Si Hyuk created his own pastry brand named Bang & Baker’s that offers egg tarts decorated with a drawing by BTS‘s Jungkook.

Bang & Baker’s egg tarts. | Jin Min Ji/Korea JoongAng Daily

Since TXT‘s Hueningkai is a lover of egg tarts, he was the perfect person for GQ KOREA to ask a tricky question about the subject that had him watching out for Bang Si Hyuk.

During a round of the balance game, the outlet “surprised” Hueningkai with a choice between one Bang & Baker’s egg tart or ten egg tarts from different bakeries.

Hueningkai hilariously rubbed his neck while asking whether Bang Si Hyuk would find out his answer. He questioned, “He won’t be watching this, will he?

Not wasting any time, he ripped the bandaid off and decided to go with the variety of egg tarts. Hueningkai had an understandable reason, though.

With so many egg tarts to try in the world, Hueningkai didn’t want to limit himself. He said, “Bang & Baker’s egg tarts are the best of the best, of course. But, I think I should try other brands too.

Bang Si Hyuk doesn’t have to worry about the tastiness of his pastries. No matter how good something is, sometimes more is better than one.


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