TXT’s Hueningkai And Beomgyu Are Such BTS Fanboys They “Stole” Their Photo

“Look at what I stole.”

While BTS has a soft spot for their HYBE juniors, the members of TXT are just as fond of them as well. Beomgyu and Hueningkai are such fanboys that they amused viewers by “stealing” a familiar photo of BTS on an episode of TO DO X TXT.

Using the HYBE building as the backdrop for the episode, the staff allowed the members to take anything within the room to prepare for their indoor camping feast. A particular photo of their seniors’ caught Beomgyu’s eye as he asked, “Can we take this BTS family photo?

Hueningkai supported Beomgyu’s idea to “eat with them,” taking the photo from the shelf. Hueningkai was so excited that he showed off the BTS family portrait and said, “It’s ours now.” The other members’ reactions were just as amusing.

When Taehyun returned to their indoor campsite, he immediately asked, “Why did we steal BTS’s family portrait?” Hueningkai explained, “They said we could take anything.” He was proud to show off the portrait when the other members came, jokingly saying, “Look at what I stole.

They were also hilariously serious about sharing their meal with BTS. When Beomgyu asked Taehyun to pass him the meat, Taehyun asked Soobin, and then Soobin asked Hueningkai. They all cracked up when Hueningkai asked BTS’s portrait, “Could you pass me the meat, please?

Although Hueningkai passed the meat, he joked that it was all thanks to BTS. He said, “Thank you, BTS sunbae-nims (seniors). It’s on BTS.” While Yeonjun smiled, Beomgyu played along by saying, “They’re really so amazing.

Not only are the TXT members major BTS fanboys, but they also have a hilarious sense of humor. Watch them “stealing” a BTS photo to make their wish of sharing a meal with their seniors a reality.