TXT’s Hueningkai Gave ENHYPEN’s Jay The Perfect Birthday Gift

Jay instantly fell in love with it.

The friendship between ENHYPEN and TXT continues to warm fans’ hearts with the thoughtful birthday gift Hueningkai gave Jay.

Hueningkai, Sunghoon, Jake, and Jay. | @TXT_members/Twitter

During his live broadcast on April 20, Hueningkai pointed out that it was Jay’s birthday. He was one of the first people to send him a message. Hueningkai revealed, “At 12:30, I said, ‘Happy birthday, Jay.’

A message wasn’t the only thing Hueningkai sent to his fellow 02-liner. As expected of the maknae (youngest member), who has tons of plushies, Hueningkai also “sent him a stuffed toy.” Jay appreciated it.

It turned out that Hueningkai wasn’t the only one who loved the soft animals. He shared Jay’s reaction: “He said he got it. He said it loved the stuffed toy.

With a thumbs-up, Hueningkai sent Jay and his new fluffy friend one last message. Hueningkai cutely instructed, “Please, cuddle it when you sleep.

If Jay instantly fell in love with the plushy, Hueningkai was caring enough to choose one that fit him perfectly.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
Source: Naver Live