TXT Hueningkai’s Favorite Soup Baffles International Fans

A debate almost as strong as mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Just recently, TXT‘s Hueningkai baffled international fans when he discussed his favorite soup on Weverse: pupa soup.

“Always the best!!!”

The soup is a common street food served in South Korea called “Beondegi”, literally “pupa”. It is made from silkworm pupae (essentially young silkworms) and can either be served as a soup such as how Hueningkai has it or steamed/boiled and served in a cup with a toothpick.

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If you’re disgusted by this snack, no worries! Although the snack is common, many Koreans dislike it. Some Korean comments from the post were: “Wow… I can’t eat beondegi to save my life”,  “OMG I bet international fans are like, what is that… is he eating bugs..? Hahahaha”, and “It is tasty, but when you get older you realize what it is and you think too much about it…

Here are some mixed reactions from international fans.

What do you think of this interesting soup? Would you try it?