Here Are The Foods TXT’s Hueningkai Won’t Ever Eat

There are a few things he won’t eat, “no matter what.”

TXT‘s Hueningkai lives up to his role as the youngest with his eating habits that can be a bit selective. There’s one category of food that he’s not so fond of and won’t ever lay a hand on.


When a fan warned Beomgyu not to be so choosey about his food, he expressed a willingness to change but pointed out how hard it was to try new things. Hueningkai could relate but shared the one food he refused to eat.

It turned out to be a sauce that’s beloved by people around the world. The youngest said, “I can’t each ketchup no matter what.” That wasn’t the only sauce Hueningkai voiced his dislike for.

On Weverse, Hueningkai revealed that he’s also not a fan of mustard or mayonnaise either. He explained that the texture was something he couldn’t get behind.

He’s far from alone, though, since many people can relate. In fact, he’s not a fan of avocados, which BLACKPINK‘s Rosé also dislikes. At least there are so many other foods and sauces in the world they’ll be able to enjoy.

Source: Naver Live