TXT’s Hueningkai Gains Newfound Respect For BTS’s Suga After Covering “Dope”

“BTS are really good at those things…”

For TXT‘s specially aired FanLive Dream X Together, the members split into two teams to perform two different covers. Since they don’t have fixed positions, the teams kept changing until they were finally decided.

In the end, Hueningkai was picked to join the team covering BTS‘s “Dope” and given the fast-paced rap. After all the practicing and completing the final performance, he had a whole new appreciation for Suga.

While the cover stage turned out amazing, Hueningkai admitted that it wasn’t an easy road: “Well, for ‘Dope’, we had more trouble recording the vocals than doing the dancing.”

Because the song uses “a lot of shouting techniques” for the vocals, it made it a bit more difficult for Hueningkai to master. It made him respect their seniors’ talent, “BTS are really good at those things, and it wasn’t easy to follow.” There was another part that had him respecting them even more, though.

Since Hueningkai had trouble keeping up with Suga’s fast-paced rap, he was full of praise for how well he pulls it off every single time. “He’s so good at it no matter how fast the rap is. His delivery was good too.” He was so impressed he even tried to do Suga’s rap right on the spot.

He still couldn’t manage to get it down, “Even now, I can’t do it properly because it’s just too fast… My tongue twists because the rap is too fast.”

All of that practice ended up helping him in the end, since Taehyun pointed out how he nailed it for the final performance.

If Hueningkai still can’t rap the lines at a moment’s notice and get it right every single time, Suga is genuinely as skilled as he said. Suga’s raps don’t only involve memorization; they require the ability to make the flow and pronunciation perfect.

Listen to Hueniningkai gush over Suga’s iconic rap skills and how hard it was to try it out for himself here.