TXT’s Hueningkai Goes Viral For His Animated Reaction To Taehyun’s Magic Trick

They probably didn’t think this would be the reason they go viral.

TXT‘s Taehyun has done magic tricks in front of his members on numerous occasions, from making items disappear into thin air to card tricks. During their recent “Magic Island” themed broadcast, he demonstrated them once more while giving tips to achieve them yourself.


Little did they know, a clip of Hueningkai‘s reaction to one of them would go viral on Twitter.

Holding a card sideways, Taehyun flicked it, turning the seven of hearts into the ace of spades in the blink of an eye. It was so typical for him that he kept a straight face the entire time. Hueningkai, on the other hand, reacted entirely differently.

It was like Hueningkai had seen the trick for the first time. As if hyped up on sugar, he looked all around with wide eyes and a closed-mouth smile that hinted he wanted to laugh from his excitement. It was such a hilarious moment that the clip has reached 1.7 million views, on its way to two million.

After Hueningkai calmed down, he even tried to do the trick himself. With a flick, he instead made both the cards fall over rather than make one disappear.

With all the times Taehyun has done magic tricks for his members, who would’ve thought one of his tricks would be the reason they go viral?


Watch the clip that has everyone loving Hueningkai’s animated reaction to Taehyun’s card trick here.