TXT Hueningkai’s Group Chat Names For His Members Are Just As Funny As You’d Expect

The maknae knows best.

In an episode of TXT‘s Talk X Today, fans caught a glimpse of the names Hueningkai chose for some of his members in their group chat.


Beomgyu‘s was the most normal one. It was only a cuter version of Hueningkai addressing him as Beomgyu hyung: “Bbeomggyu Hyong.” The other names were what had MOAs laughing.

Taehyun was named “World’s Most Handsome Friend,” while leader Soobin was named “Terrible,” along with a smiling emoji with heart eyes. Since Taehyun is born in 2002 as well, it makes sense he would give his maknae-line friend a cool name. As for Soobin’s…

Hueningkai is always finding ways to mess with his hyung. Although fans didn’t catch a glimpse of Yeonjun‘s, his name may be just as funny as the rest. What do you think of his names for the members?