TXT’s Hueningkai’s Habit Of Sneaking Into His Members’ Beds Will Make You UWU

Hueningkai doesn’t ever want to be too far from his hyungs.

TXT‘s Hueningkai has a particular habit when it comes to his members sleeping. The maknae can’t keep himself from sneaking into their beds.


In One Dream.TXT, Hueningkai shared that he’s snuck into the members’ beds before to sleep beside them.

Leader Soobin even confirmed it by saying that whenever he wakes up, Hueningkai always happens to be there beside him.

When we’re in the dorm, Hueningkai is always next to me when I wake up.

Hueningkai hadn’t expected Soobin to say it so plainly and gave him a playful punch on the arm, which prompted Soobin to ask why.

Although Hueningkai didn’t give a real answer to explain his habit, it seems like he just wants to be near his hyungs.

Watch them react to Hueningkai’s sneaky yet adorable habit.