TXT’s Hueningkai Jokes They Won’t Get Any CF Deals Thanks To Soobin

Soobin tried his best.

As rookies, TXT hope to eventually land various CF deals as their career progresses.


With Soobin a part of the team, Hueningkai joked that it might not be possible.

After losing rock, paper, scissors, Soobin gave a demonstration of his CF skills. It started off normal as he pretended to put lotion on the back of his hand and then tapped it on his face.

While patting his face, Soobin began to jerk his head backward, more than once. By the end of it, everyone was chuckling. Instead of putting lotion on his face, it looked like he was washing it.

Since Hueningkai was curious about his jerky head movements, Soobin explained that he was shaking his hair out of his face because it gets wet after washing it beforehand.

Hueningkai concluded that they wouldn’t be able to get any CF deals with Soobin’s acting.

Beomgyu wholeheartedly agreed with Hueningkai based on the laughing he’d done during and after Soobin’s CF demonstration.

Soobin may be talented in many areas; CFs aren’t one of them, at least not yet. Watch him give his members a good laugh here.


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