TXT’s Hueningkai Keeps Growing Tall Enough To Almost Overtake His Members

At this rate, he’ll be taller than Soobin in no time.

In recent photos of TXT, Hueningkai has captured fans’ attention for a significant change in his appearance.


In a little bit over half a year since debut, the maknae has grown taller than he was before.

When they debuted, he was already taller than average and was about the same height as the oldest member Yeonjun. Since then, he’s been growing into himself and looking taller than ever, even giving the tallest member Soobin some competition.

Seeing all the group members standing together, it appears that Hueningkai has sprouted up to be just as tall as Soobin and taller than the rest.

Hueningkai is still young and growing. With that in mind, there’s no telling how tall he’ll become. By the looks of it though, he’ll be at least six feet tall easy.