The Huening Siblings Team Up For A Bit Of Fun On April Fool’s Day

We love to see it!

K-Pop fans know we can count on idols and fansite masters to post fun April Fool’s Day photos and content online! Just as it hit midnight in Korea, fans were flooded with content online, and the Huening siblings, TXT’s Huening Kai and Kep1er’s Bahiyyih, also brought a good laugh to their fans!

Hueningkai took to his sister’s Bubble platform to say hello to her fans!

| Bubble

Hello! I’m here instead of Bahiyyih today!

He also changed her profile picture and background to his pictures!

| Bubble

During that time, Bahiyyih dropped by on Weverse to say hello to MOAs!

| Weverse

Hello MOAs! I’ve stopped by instead of my brother!

TXT’s Soobin, who saw the message, stopped by to leave a message for her!

| Weverse

Soobin: Wow hi Bahiyyih!

Bahiyyih: Wow hello!


Fans also asked what they thought each other’s strengths were.

| Weverse

Fan: If you could say what your brother’s strength is in one word, what would it be?

Bahiyyih:’s hard to choose just one strength..because he has too many…he’s really perfect. It’s too hard to choose.

| Bubble

What is it that I like most about Bahiyyih? She’s just the best sister, there is no need to explain. She is pretty and nice and is good at everything. She is perfect. My sister.

But, turns out that fans fell for their trap as it was actually them just pretending to be each other!

| theqoo
  • “What this is so funny.”
  • “They pretended to be each other..that is how their relationship is like in real life too though.”
  • “ This is so cute.”
  • “Both of them are so cute.”
  • “Yes they pretended to be each other..they just changed their names.”

Looks like the siblings have succeeded in their plan to trick their fans for this fun day!

Source: theqoo
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