TXT’s Hueningkai Reveals A “Small” Dieting Tip To Help A Struggling Fan

“It’s a very small tip, but… Good luck on your diet!”

In the third episode of TXT‘s Speak Out For You, each member of the group read short letters submitted by fans. It was a way for MOAs to voice their happy and sad moments or ask for advice on their problems.

Maknae Hueningkai was the first to read one, encountering a fan and their sibling who were having a problem over dieting.

A female fan living in Seoul wrote in to explain a situation with her younger sister. She was concerned about her younger sister’s eating habits. Instead, the younger sister repeats the same claim every day, “She always says she’ll eat for today and go on a diet tomorrow.”

Despite her claim, the younger sister never follows through with her plan. The fan stated, “But on the next day, she can’t resist the delicious foods and ends up eating.”

To add to the claim, the younger sister increased the stakes, “She said she’ll really go on a diet if this story gets selected.”

After reading the letter, Hueningkai couldn’t help but laugh at the funniness between siblings. Since the story had indeed been selected, he pointed out, “You have to start your diet now.” To help her sister succeed, the fan also asked if he had any diet tips. He had one in mind that might be helpful.

Because it was minor, Hueningkai emphasized that point, “This is a small diet tip but chewing gum helps a lot.” Chewing on a piece of gum doesn’t sound like something that would be too beneficial. He had a reasonable explanation for it, though.

The gum itself wasn’t the point; it was the act of chewing. Hueningkai explained, “When you’re hungry, chewing gum makes you feel full.” He even held a fist in front of his stomach to show how serious he was.

With a fist raised and sporting a smile, he cheered on the fan’s younger sister, “Try chewing gum. Good luck with your diet.”

Listen to Hueningkai read the MOA’s letter and respond with a helpful tip to curve their sister’s cravings here. Whether or not someone’s on a diet, anyone can give this tip a try.