TXT’s Hueningkai Once Sang MOAs The First Song He’s Ever Written—The Lyrics Prove Just How Sweet He Is

Hueningkai has always been talented!

The members of TXT are no doubt incredibly talented! While it’s true many idols get trained to become huge stars, Hueningkai proved that he’s always been gifted during a recent fan meeting video call. 

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TXT are often active in the production of their songs and have been credit as songwriters and producers in the past. It seems like the members were always destined to be in the music industry and Hueningkai shared the first song he wrote as a child with a very lucky MOA.


During the fan video call meeting, Hueningkai showed off the song he wrote as a child. Much like his personality today, the song’s lyrics are sweet, innocent, and bright! Hueningkai sang the words, “When I smile and you smile. All the world, let’s smile.

A bit shy, Hueningkai only sang a bit of the chorus for his fan and commented, “It went like that but it was so childish.” Despite Hueningkai being adorably embarrassed from singing, the lovely MOA assured him it’s a great song!

Check out the clip below:

Also, check out Hueningkai as a child singing a longer version of his great song: