TXT’s Hueningkai Set Up Yeonjun To Take The Fall For His Prank

Yeonjun is going to have some questions…

With April Fool’s Day finally rolling around, fans couldn’t wait to play pranks on their favorite idols to see their hilarious reactions. Not passing up the chance, MOAs had a bit of fun with TXT‘s Hueningkai on Weverse.

Fans weren’t the only ones having a laugh, though. Hueningkai ended up flipping the joke into a prank on Yeonjun.

Using Weverse to their benefit, a fan posted three photos of different foods. They asked, “Yeonjun-ie, I made a three-course meal. Do you want to eat it together?” Since the photos have been circling the internet as part of memes, they should look super familiar.

The first was of a bowl of noodles, garnished with something you probably wouldn’t have ever thought of: orange slices.

For the second, it was a bowl of cereal with not one but two hotdogs. Wanting to give it some flair and color, there was even a slice of orange cheese on the side. For dessert, it would be a kid’s favorite snack, if it weren’t on a slice of bread: Sour Patch Kids. If you’re raising your eyebrows, you’re not the only one.

Even though the fan had written it specifically for Yeonjun, Hueningkai was the first one to see it and give an answer. He was a bit speechless, saying, “Oh… Oh, wow.” Keeping it polite, he told the fan it must be “delicious.” That wasn’t even the funniest part.

To cover his tracks, he’d changed his Weverse nickname to “TXT_YEONJUN,” pinning it all on Yeonjun. While still using the new disguise, he couldn’t help but get something else out of the way as well.

Since Yeonjun is team Mint flavored ice cream, Hueningkai couldn’t resist the chance to fix that. Posting a photo of ice cream, Yeonjun’s imposter wrote, “Ugh… I really hate mint -.- Toothpaste flavor.”

When Yeonjun sees these posts from “himself,” not only will he have some questions, but some MOAs will be just as confused. Who knew that the changing of your nickname on Weverse could be so useful for a funny prank?