TXT Hueningkai’s Sister Reportedly Passed First Round Of YG Auditions, And Reactions Are Mixed

A lot of fans want her to “Run Away”.

Hueningkai has two sisters, one older and one younger. With him being a part of TXT and his older sister Lea having debuted in girl group VIVA back in 2017, being an entertainer runs in the family.

Based on a post from a round of YG Entertainment‘s auditions, it looks like their youngest sibling Bahiyyih might be ready to join the K-Pop world as well.

According to a post by SMMA Academy, they announced that she passed the first round of auditions, with her full name listed as “Huening Bahiyyih” along with a message to cheer her on. While it would typically be considered amazing news to pass an audition for a major company, the reactions have been mixed.

Rather than the news itself, some people are looking forward to seeing what reactions will come from it. They’re even wondering if Bahiyyih may make it into YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group—if the lineup hasn’t already been finalized. Other fans have a very different opinion on the matter.

The most vocal opinion on the news seems to be that Bahiyyih needs to stay away from the company altogether. If they could, they’d be willing to come to her rescue. Still, there were people who had yet another perspective on the news.

Some had already expected Bahiyyih to join a company and thought she might’ve been a part of Big Hit Entertainment’s upcoming girl group or even joining JYP Entertainment. This what the last company they’d thought she’d end up choosing.

Regardless of the various reactions, it seems like Bahiyyih is well on her way to becoming a YG Entertainment trainee. Fans have noticed that her TikTok account is no longer active, her Instagram has supposedly been set to private, and videos have been removed from her and Lea’s shared YouTube channel.

Image credit: @SadiePershall

Since there are said to be two more rounds of auditions to pass, she has a long way to go. Either way, the sky is the limit for Bahiyyih as she forges her own path.