TXT’s Hueningkai Shamelessly Admits He “Always Touches Soobin’s Belly”

Here’s the full explanation.

TXT‘s Soobin, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai were the latest K-Pop idols to appear on the YouTube show TheKStarNextDoor.

During the interview segment, the latter was asked about his tendency to have “sticky fingers.” Besides this manifesting whenever he steals his dad’s underwear…

…it also shows when he’s extra affectionate with his members—such as when he touches Soobin’s stomach.

You’re always touching Soobin’s belly? Is it to feel his warmth?

— Jonathan

Rather than refuting the accusations, Hueningkai agreed that he does, indeed, do this!

Soobin’s belly feels really nice. He’s really skinny and he has low body fat.

— Hueningkai

The main reason the maknae loves touching Soobin, however, is due to his smooth skin. This stems from a unique quality of it: “His skin is stretchy.”

The member in question agreed with this observation. Soobin readily demonstrated just how stretchy the skin on his neck is.

My skin is stretchy. My whole body [is, too].

— Soobin    

The host, Jonathan, was given permission to see what he meant. His initial reaction was that it was “slippery” and agreed that it was soft.

Hueningkai gushed over his leader, admitting that it feels so good that he can’t help but say, “Wow.”

That feels ‘wow.’ It feels awesome.

— Hueningkai

Check out the full video below to see more hilarious moments among the members!

Source: YouTube