TXT’s Hueningkai Knew Exactly What To Do When Soobin Broke Down In Tears

They’re always looking out for each other 🥺

TXT‘s Hueningkai may be the youngest but showed his maturity and caring nature when leader Soobin burst into tears at their MOA X TOGETHER fan live.

Hueningkai | @TXT_members/Twitter

As soon as Soobin cried after seeing an emotional fan, he couldn’t hold back the tears. While performing “Way Home”, Hueningkai checked on him with a pat on the back.

| @zoa_kai/Twitter

That sweet act alone made Soobin cry more as he fell right into Hueningkai’s arms, receiving the comfort he needed.

| @zoa_kai/Twitter 

When the group was ready to leave the stage, Hueningkai didn’t stop looking after Soobin. He stayed by his side and made sure to hold his hand while walking up the steps.

From the smile on Soobin’s face afterward, he seemed to appreciate it, patting Hueningkai on the back in return.

Ever since their trainee days, Soobin and Hueningkai have been taking care of each other and know exactly how to comfort one another.

Soobin hugging Hueningkai. | MBC

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